Photography is the magic that captures emotions in time. We are often tempted to capture a special moment but in the hurry, we leave behind the very thing that made the moment special - our emotion. I always strive to keep my emotions not behind my images but in them. The longer the time photographed the deeper the emotion captured. 

Boris H. Pophristov is a rising nature photographer currently working in Bulgaria. During his early years, Boris built a strong relationship with Nature. His interests in visual arts began with his early career as a graphic and web designer. Boris got his first camera in 2006 - a high-end compact digital camera. His first interests included mainly wildlife and macro Photography. Two years later Boris got his DSLR camera and slowly but steadily veered to landscape Photography. In his early landscape work, the strive for longer exposures was evident. Later this became the core of his individual style. Pushing exposure times further and further, led Boris to the fascinating world of nightscapes and pinhole Photography. In early 2010 he got a 35mm film camera and started building his own pinhole cameras. By the end of year, he was already madly in love with analog Photography and in 2011 Boris got his medium format film camera which became his primary choice for landscape work. Boris is currently living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He works as a full-time software developer.

  • Awards / Exhibitions / Publications

  • June, 2014 -

    Solargraphy solo exhibition during the Month of Photography 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • September, 2013 -

    Selected solargraphs     The Tree of Life - South published in SAM - Slovak Art Magazine.

  • June-July, 2013 -

    Participated in the Time in a Can international solargraphy exhibition in Madrid, Spain.

  • February, 2012 -

    Selected solargraphs     The Tree of Life - South published in the hardcover book "Lo-fi Photo Fun!: Creative Projects for Polaroid, Plastic & Pinhole Cameras" by Adam Bronkhorst.

  • December, 2010 -

    "Night Colors     Night Colors " featured in the Photographer's Forum hardcover book "Best of Photography 2010".

  • September, 2010 -

    "Night Colors     Night Colors " at the Fourth International Photographic Salon Varna-2010 exhibition.

  • August, 2010 -

    Honorable mention in the International Photography Awards 2010 competition with his work "Night Colors     Night Colors ".

  • August, 2010 -

    Finalist in the Photographer's Forum 30th Annual Spring Photography international contest with his work "Night Colors     Night Colors ".

  • April, 2010 -

    Participated in the exhibition "Lux in Tenebris" with his work "Alyosha Through My Eye     Alyosha Through My Eye ". This exhibition was dedicated to Pinhole Photography and was opened on the world Pinhole day 2010.

  • April, 2010 -

    Publication of "Alyosha Through My Eye     Alyosha Through My Eye " in PhotoBulletin - a Bulgarian Photography magazine.

  • November, 2007 -

    Participated in the exhibition "Capture the Moment" with his work "Hummingbird Hawk Moth     Hummingbird Hawk Moth ".

Boris Pophristov
  •  Special thanks to:

  • My father Hristo Pophristov who shares these emotions with me.
  • And my friend Gregg Reed who helped me discover my talent.
  • And last but not least, thanks to all of you who enjoy my work.