Alienscape II

Alienscape II
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Alienscape II 2010-11-13 Nightscapes
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Shot back in the Autumn of 2010, this star trails image is very precious to me. It wasn't until the beginning of 2011, that I had the film developed and since then I've been struggling to get a decent scan. Finally I got it! Not as sharp as I would prefer but with 35mm you can't expect a perfect quality.

This is a 3 hours exposure on 35mm Fujichrome Velvia 100 color reversal film. Velvia gives this kind of saturation especially when shooting in the night but it works well here to further emphasize the alieness of the landscape. Two things are particularly special about this image. First in the right hand side of the sky a meteor trail is clearly seen. The meteor should have been very bright to be captured on this kind of film. It's almost impossible or at least quite rare! During the night of the 2010 Perseid meteor shower I made a 7 hours star trails exposure on Provia 100F and not a single meteor can be seen on the slide. So I consider myself extremely lucky. Another thing is that one end of the star trails is clearly pointed. When I closed the shutter after 3 hours of exposure I noticed the lens was almost completely covered with dew. I thought the exposure was ruined but when I got back the developed film it was a pleasant surprise. It had made the image a little foggy but the other effect - pointy star trails - compensate for it.
These "creatures" you see in the image are a geological phenomenon in Eastern Rhodope Montain, Bulgaria. Read more about this under my star trails image The Doom of The Ancient Beasts, a digital exposure shot the very same night. The same meteor trail is visible there too! Two years after this image I shot the same composition but on medium format film - Titans.

As close to the slide as possible. No additional post processing involved, only some sharpening.