Arda River - Intimate Landscape

Arda River - Intimate Landscape
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Arda River - Intimate Landscape 2011-1-30 Aquascapes
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We are all used to or better say naturally drawn to large-scale landscapes, where vast fields and mountains lay magnificently in the scene, creating a sense of infinity. But just as it is in life, we must sometimes turn to the little things as they can be just as beautiful and rewarding. The little things can lift up our emotions on a different, more intimate level.

It was a chilly winter day and we were at the banks of Arda river near the foundations of the Devil’s Bridge. A very popular location among Bulgarian tourists and photographers where an ancient medieval bridge rises between the steep hills above the river banks. This place has been photographed thousands of times by hundreds of photographers and it was hard for me to be original. Then my attention was caught by the ice formations on the river rocks. They created their own small world of shapes and the interaction with water was amazing. In contrast to the deep blue tones there were those subtle golden reflections of the sunlit hills that perfectly completed the scene. So I decided to go for this, more intimate approach.
Shot on Fujichrome Provia 100F color reversal film with my Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. f/22 for DOF and slow shutter speed. No polarizer to preserve the reflections. Very little post-processing to improve the dynamic range of the scene.