The Sphinx of Kostino

The Sphinx of Kostino
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The Sphinx of Kostino 2011-4-29 Solargraphy
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The Sphinx of Kostino gazing at the sun for 103 days! What I love about long exposures is that they allow the photographer to transform an ordinary scene to something fantastical. Combine this with use of alternative media and processing and you'll be able to push the boundaries of your imagination beyond the limits that knowledge and experience have created. A great part of the artistic means of photography lies in one's ability to distort what the human eye can perceive into an expression of the artist. That's why I adore solargraphy so much! It's not The Great Sphinx of Giza but it has an uncanny resemblance to it, isn't it? It's all created by the distortion of the pinhole camera and of course, playing the main role is one of the Kostino rock mushrooms. These rock formations are main subjects in other works of mine - The Doom of The Ancient Beasts and Alienscape II.

3 months and 13 days exposure with a beer can pinhole camera loaded with Ilford photo paper. Despite being a beautiful place, especially with the amazing geological phenomenon, not much people visit it, partly because it is quite hard to reach and even dangerous for untrained tourists. This allowed the camera to survive these months without any camouflage.