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Life 2011-4-29 Macro
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The story began one harsh winter on the highest cliffs of Kostino which once were the sacred grounds of the Thracian temples of the Sun. Temples no more, these cliffs are now retaken by nature making them once again the kingdom of the raptors.

Meet Life - a newborn seed. In a small crack on top of the mighty rocks, Life landed blown by the strong winds. When Winter took over, thick ice invaded all cracks and niches freezing the little seed. But Life endured the harsh and dark Winter months only to find himself laying naked and unprotected under the heavy rains of early Spring. The flood didn’t throw the little seed over the cliff but brought him to the very bottom of the crack, sinking in a shallow pool of dirt. Life took his chance and slowly but steadily embraced the newly formed earth with his roots. It was only the beginning.
When the first tiny leaves tasted the clean air, they were craving for the magical touch of the Sun. Every single morning Life woke up hoping that today he will reach the sunrays but he only got a quick glimpse of her reflection in the tiny drops of morning dew that covered the tops of the canyon walls. All Life needed to survive was not more earth, nor more water, Life needed a purpose - the purpose to touch the Sun. Despite the numerous floods and strong winds, Life steadily advanced up each day a tiny bit closer, until one day, just for a moment, the Sun touched Life for the first time. He fell in love then and each day after, their meeting lasted longer and longer. The Sun gave Life energy and he was growing ever taller and stronger advancing to his next purpose - one day to be able to look at the world behind the tall canyon walls. As a sign of his love and gratitude, Life gave the Sun his bloom, made in her own image.

Photo was taken with a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera on Provia 100F color reversal film. No post-processing. Location is in Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. The kingdom where little Life was born - Kostino Sunset