Moniak Sunset

Moniak Sunset
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Moniak Sunset 2011-4-10 Landscapes
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View from the Moniak fortress near the city of Kurdjali in Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. I shot this one in a hurry but the result actually came up as a pleasant surprise. I had only an hour to find a good composition and the area is quite vast. The beautiful sunset got me unprepared and I had to make a quick decision. Well, sometimes great light can compensate for compositional flaws.

I avoid choosing a composition the same day I take the photograph. Usually I make one scouting trip to every new place noting or photographing potential compositions. Back home, I very carefully choose the winner compositions. When weather forecasts, time of day and direction of light are right, I’m ready for action. So when the time comes, I arrive at the place and pretty much know exactly where to place my camera. Good plan, but in reality it doesn’t always happen this way. However many times the need to think out-of-the-box can lead to great and unconventional ideas.
Shot on Provia 100F color reversal film. As close to the slide as possible. No additional post-processing. Medium format camera Mamiya RB67 with a wide-angle Sekor C 50mm lens. Check out my solargraph from the same area - Moniak Fortress and the 3-hour star trails exposure shot not more than 50 meters from this location - Moniak Fortress Starscape.