Solargraphing in The Kingdom of The Raptors

Solargraphing in The Kingdom of The Raptors
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Solargraphing in The Kingdom of The Raptors 2011-6-25 Solargraphy
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Solargraphy is a fruit of patience! In live, I'm the most impatient person I've ever met (yes, really). And, hoping my boss isn't reading this, I lack discipline. These are actually two of the things that are mandatory for making solargraphs. However, in photography, I choose the most complex and time-consuming genres. Or better say they choose me. This is an unsolved mystery for me yet but when it comes to photography, patience and discipline become my friends again. Can you imagine how much time is needed for a simple solargraphy test? It's not like pressing the shutter of a high-end digital camera or even like developing a roll of film. Trying a different aperture or a different photo paper takes months not counting the preparation. And maybe you can guess what a simple mistake can cost in a 6 months exposure.

Only a great idea does not make a work of art valuable. Value is a fusion of conception, artist’s emotions, technical perfection and... hard work. Good solargraphy requires hard work.
You probably ask yourself why all this mumbo-jumbo for this image. Well, this is a step forward for me. For nearly two years I’ve been trying to make a clear solargraph and that’s more like it. While I appreaciate that solargraphy can create nice abstractions, I like it better when the viewer can identify the subject and I prefer using realistic images to express my ideas.

6 months exposure with a beer can pinhole camera loaded with Ilford photo paper. Check out the making-of photo! Camouflage wasn’t approriate at all but the place was wild and hard-to-reach.