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Unearthly 2011-4-22 Nightscapes
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6 hours of star trails exposed on Provia 100F film with my Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. Exposure started 4 hours before moonrise and the next two hours of moon used to lit the foreground.

If you follow my work, you’ve probably guessed already that this is The Rock Mushroom near the Asara Plateau in Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria - my number one location for photographic work. Those two niches on the rock formation are man-made, carved thousands of years ago. Their origin and purpose are still a mistery. However there are numerous theories and possible explanations. Read more under my image Thracian Niches.
Being one of my favorite subjects, I have several shots of the same rock mushroom from different angles and on different media - digital, 35mm film, medium format film and photo paper for pinholes. Check out the making-of image too!

Post-processing involved just darkening the sky a little bit. Colors and foreground exposure are authentic. The many magenta cast haters out there will disagree with my choice to leave it untouched but that’s what I do. Besides, these intensive magenta colors create an unearthly look that I actually adore.