Reaching for The Stars II

Reaching for The Stars II
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Reaching for The Stars II 2011-8-7 Nightscapes
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2 hours of star trails exposed on Provia 100F color reversal film with Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. Foreground is moonlit by a 70% illuminated moon. Drum scanned. As close the the slide as possible, no additional post processing.

I kind of have a fetish for lonely trees as such appear periodically in my works. This particular tree inspired me to do a silhouette star trails shot but apparently first came the moonlit shot. For the silhouette I will need a moonless Winter night so this is more of a preliminary shot, a study of the composition and light pollution. Still, the moon rendered pretty electrifying colors on my beloved Provia 100F film.
Location is pretty interesting too. The tree has grown on the top of a large cliff which hundreds of years ago had been surrounded by a medieval fortress. Nowadays only ruins of it remains but archaeologists keep revealing parts of its former glory. The cliff is situated on the top of a hill with amazing panoramic view over to the valley of Arda river near the village of Dolno Cherkovishte (Долно Черковище), Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. (Check out the making of image!) Several Thracian tombs have been discovered a few hundreds meters down the slope. Actually the whole area is known to be some of the largest "deposits" of Thracian niches in Bulgaria.

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