Reaching for The Stars - Remake

Reaching for The Stars - Remake
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Reaching for The Stars - Remake 2012-3-17 Nightscapes
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4 hours of star trails on Provia 100F color reversal film with Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. Drum-scanned. Colors are authentic. No additional post processing involved.

Title says remake of Reaching for The Stars. Well, not exactly. Actually this image is the realization of my original idea for this composition. The previous attempt was more an exploration of the concept. On this night, the perfect conditions met - moonless clear night, naked branches and no wind. I can only say that the 4 hours of waiting in the chilly night was worth it.
You’re looking at another image dedicated to The Great Oak (a.k.a. The Tree of Life) in the area of the medieval fortress Asara. I’ve played with this subject on 35 mm film (The Tree of Life - North), on digital (Reaching for The Stars) and the solargrah exposed for 3 months (The Tree of Life - South).