To Live on The Edge of The World

To Live on The Edge of The World
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To Live on The Edge of The World 2012-8-28 Seascapes
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Sarmatian abode near the village of Tyulenovo, Northern coast of Black Sea, Bulgaria. Sarmatians dwelled these coasts more than 15 centuries ago. Coming from the great vast steppes of Central Asia, they believed this is the edge of the world and recognized the energy of the place. Evidence of that are the the numerous artefacts left from multiple cultures starting from simple tools dated 5,000 years BC to Thracian temples long before the Sarmatians, Goth thombs after them and Byzantine fortresses.

I remember myself sitting on the “porch” of one of these Sarmatian abodes, the angry sea roaring beneath my legs, crashing great waves over these tortured cliffs. I sat there, losing track of time, with my eyes closed, and tried to imagine what life had been back then, all those centuries ago. To be awaken by the first rays of the sun, the sweet fragrance of the evening fire, long gone, mixed with the freshness of the sea breeze in the morning, the songs of the undisturbed sea creatures. How does it feel to actually believe you’re living on the edge of the world? Were you scared knowing there’s nothing past the line between sea and sky? Was life simpler? I can tell you one thing for sure: it was more real, elemental, honest, beautiful but cruel.
This place has another historical significance. Because of the nature of the environment, numerous deep underwater caves, herds of seals once inhabited these shores. Unfortunately they are now extinct. The last sightings of seals in this area have been reported more than 40 years ago. The nearby village Tyulenovo (from the Bulgarian word “тюлен” which means seal) is named after them. Although there’re no official reports, rumors of seal sightings still reappear every year.

Shot on Velvia 50 color reversal film with Mamiya RB67, this is my first seascape on medium format. Exposure time is 1 second. I’ve used a 2-stop soft-edge GND filter to balance the sky. I hoped for a more dramatic sky but we cannot control Nature, it is the other way around. At least I’m grateful for the raging sea. Check out the making-of image.