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Titans 2012-9-22 Nightscapes
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In an age so long forgotten
When the world was not so rotten
The Earth was trembling beneath their feet
Flesh was shuttered when they meet

There was the scent of magic in the air
And cruelty that nobody could bear
So mighty were their deeds
Alive was only the one who bleeds

For pain was the primal force
Tranquility and peace were far worse
And truth was born in the disaster
The world could live without a master

Instead of blood, freedom flowed in their veins
Their burning hearts could even melt the strongest chains
And there were no restraints for their souls
But you’ll never read this in the ancient scrolls

Behold the Titans, not the flesh but their bones
And time have turned them into mighty stones
To remind us of the greatest age
When creatures lived without a cage

4 hours of star trails in Autumn’s first night exposed on Provia 100F film. Shot with Mamiya RB67 medium format camera - that Titan of a camera, a mighty beast of mine. Drum-scanned, very little post-processing. The Titans were illuminated during the first two hours of the exposure by a 50% descending moon. What a great night it was! I’m glad for the opportunity to capture even a tiny bit of its greatness. But few things can compare to the four hours of stargazing in the wilderness sitting on the laps of those mighty beasts. I’ve written short fiction stories for some of my images but this one deserves a poem.

If you are a fan of my work, you’ve already seen these beasts as leading actors in other works of mine - The Doom of The Ancient Beasts (digital exposure) and Alienscape II (35 mm film exposure). My good friend and filmmaker Miro Markov shot a beautiful timelapse that very same night - Meet The Penny Buns Timelapse. Check out the making-of image too (it’s not that easy to put North exactly between the Titans).

A little bit of off-topic. Have you wondered why some of the star trails are blue and others are red? By the way you can barely see that if you are shooting star trails with a digital camera (e.g. The Doom of The Ancient Beasts) and this is one of the many reasons why I shoot on film. Back to the question: Blue stars are hot and red stars are cold. It’s a reversed logic if you’re thinking in the context of the logic of our world but hey, logic of the Universe is what really matters.