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Maestro 2009-6-7 Portraits
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My father, Hristo Pophristov, hand-polishing an agate specimen with his custom-made agate cutting and polishing machine.

Beside Photography, my other passion is rock hunting. My father and me have assembled an enormous collection of minerals. A large part of it are agate specimens of various types and sizes. A few years ago my father used his engineering skills to build a custom agate cutting and polishing machine. Since then he has cut and polished hundreds of agate specimens. I wanted to capture the beauty of good old hand-crafting. It is a magical process, transforming a crude rock into a beautiful agate.
Making this image was very challenging. The working environment was a cramped and damp basement. Controlling the light and achieving this high point of view was very hard. Using a high ISO setting was inevitable but still I'm quite satisfied with the result.