Thracian Niches

Thracian Niches
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Thracian Niches 2010-2-21 Landscapes
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Human made rocky niches, remains of an ancient civilization.

Such niches can be seen on megaliths throughout the Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. It is obvious that these megaliths are not accidentally picked. They are all situated on scenic places with a magnificent view. The most commonly spread theory is that these niches are tombs. Other theories suggest that they are religious artifacts or some kind of maps to significant places. Scientists still argue about their purpose and origin. There are speculations of a Thracian origin but others believe that they are more than 7,000 years old which rules out this theory.
This particular shot was made in a less-known location but it offers one of the best displays of niches, only in Winter when the trees are leafless. There are more than 40 niches and most of them are well preserved. There is a cave in the middle of the megalith in the form of two wombs. The womb-like form is human-made. It is related to the cult of the woman in ancient civilizations. Such human-finished womb-like caves can be found at other places too. Again their purpose and origin are subject of wild speculations.

For this image I used a 2-stop soft edge GND filter to balance the sky. Though sepia tones are not of my liking, here it perfectly complements the mood.