Alyosha Through My Eye

Alyosha Through My Eye
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Alyosha Through My Eye 2010-2-27 Solargraphy
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One of my earliest experiments in Solargraphy which proved to be quite successful not so much as a Solargrah, but because it created a nice abstraction. The shape created by the Sun Trails and the curve of the ground has a nice resemblance to the shape of the eye. Also that very shape acts as a framing of the main subject - the Alyosha monument in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The pinhole camera was made out of a beer can loaded with Ilford photo paper. The exact exposure cannot be determined with accuracy. It is between 14 and 27 days. This was the first pinhole camera I installed in an environment not controlled by me. I tried to hide it but it was not good enough as it later became clear. I checked it after two weeks and it was on place but when I came to pick it up after 27 days, it was gone. After a brief search I found it smashed on a pile of rocks. Apparently someone had found it and destroyed the installment throwing the camera away. Gladly the paper inside was intact. Apparently some water had entered the camera but the drops it left add even more to the visual impact.
In April 2010 this image was published in PhotoBulletin - a Bulgarian Photography magazine, and it participated in the exhibition "Lux in Tenebris". This exhibition was dedicated to Pinhole Photography and was opened on the world Pinhole day 2010.

For more information about Solargraphy check the description below my image Trakia District, Plovdiv.