Night Colors

Night Colors
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Night Colors 2010-3-20 Nightscapes
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The Rock Mushroom near the medieval fortress Asara, Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria.

Photography, to me, is about capturing emotions. In "Night Colors" I recorded the emotions I had accumulated during my trips to this magnificent place. From the overwhelming feeling when I first looked down the rocky plateau to the beautiful calmness of the starlit night spent in protection of the rocky niches.

This monumental rock formation is unique in many ways. The fact that it just springs from the ground with no visible relation to the other rocks nearby, raises many questions. Another amazing feature is that it looks quite differently if looked from different directions. Above all, the rock holds traces of ancient civilizations. On the South and East sides trapeze-like niches has been carved thousands of yours ago. Some of them are perfectly preserved and others barely noticeable. Such niches can be seen all over the place, an evidence of how significant it has been in ancient times, and still is. Read more about the rocky niches of Eastern Rhodope Mountain under my image "Thracian Niches".
A rocky plateau with magnificent view rises above the Rock Mushroom which hundreds of yours ago has been the building grounds of a medieval Byzantine fortress, nowadays called Asara. Traces of the fortress still remain - rock carvings, stones from the walls. Archeologists have not explored the place yet but locals believe that it has the potential of becoming of similar importance as the newly discovered Thracian city of Perpericon. It has been regularly visited by treasure-hunters. Check out my Nightscape image of the rocky plateau walls - Rocky Claws.

From technical point of view this is a single 1 hour and 15 minutes exposure started about two hours after sunset. I’ve used the moonlight to define the fore and middle-ground and emphasized them by star trails and light pollution in the background. The symbiosis between natural and artificial light is ever symbolical.