Solar Gothic

Solar Gothic
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Solar Gothic 2010-10-3 Solargraphy
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An invasion of light marks the start of every single day and the reclaim of darkness marks its end. Let this image be a celebration of this endless conflict. It's been a foundation in human cultures since the beginning.

The main subject is the Rock Mushroom in the area of the medieval fortress Asara, Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. The same rock formation as in Night Colors but shot from the opposite side – from West. Two Thracian niches are clearly visible in the upper part of the rock. Each morning the rising sun is waking the spirits that haunt them. Read more about the rocky niches under "Thracian Niches". A fragment of the Asara rocky plateau is also visible in the lower middle part of the image.
The first successful solargraph of season 2, 2010. This is a 3-month exposure with a beer can pinhole camera. I'm using Ilford photo paper as a light-sensitive material. The even concentration of cloudy days created a nice path of sun trails. There had been several invasions of water which strongly affected the image. Still, I find this more an effect than a defect.

As we perceive light, may we learn to understand darkness!