The Tree of Life - South

The Tree of Life - South
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The Tree of Life - South 2010-10-3 Solargraphy
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Light fuels the existence of everything. Every life form appreciates the Sun as its creator. Even we, humans, used to honor and worship him as our ancestors understood his supremacy above all powers that drive the world. This solargraph celebrates Life as a fusion of energy between Earth and Sun.

Centuries-old oak tree sunbathing in the area of the medieval fortress Asara. Being part of the Eastern Rhodope Mountain, large trees are not common for the region and this ancient oak is somewhat of a miracle much appreciated and respected by the locals. The tree became a special subject for me and I will dedicate a series of photographs on it, starting with this one.
3-month exposure with a beer can pinhole camera loaded with Ilford photo paper. Hiding the camera was a real challenge but it was obviously a success. Still the beer can surface had a deformation near the pinhole caused by a deliberate or accidental kick. Apparently it did not affect the exposure process.