Reaching for The Stars

Reaching for The Stars
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Reaching for The Stars 2010-11-6 Nightscapes
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The third image from the series dedicated to The Great Oak growing in the foundations of the Asara plateau. A pure expression of my emotions painted in the wild colors of the night.

My approach to photography involves a complex process of preparation from research for potential places of interest, exploration trips for estimating compositions and light characteristics to creating a conception for recording certain emotions. I am usually determining my compositions during the day but night gives a deeper perspective. I saw this particular composition during a night, one week before the actual exposure, and I was enchanted by it. The original idea was a silhouette in a moonless night but apparently the light was just enough to give a definition of the Autumn colors in the tree, complementing the whole idea.
A single 1-hour exposure. The beautiful colors are due to light pollution from villages and towns further into the mountain. Actually I used that very same light pollution in my work Night Colors but the colors of the sky turned out different because of the moonless night. Check out the same oak from South and North.