The Doom of The Ancient Beasts

The Doom of The Ancient Beasts
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The Doom of The Ancient Beasts 2010-11-13 Nightscapes
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Once, giant beasts ruled the world. For ages their kingdom prevailed feeding on Earth's elements. There were no complexities then, no lies, just brute force of nature. But it wasn't allowed to endure for the ever-lasting thunder and roar of the titans woke the ancient gods. Their retribution came swift as a star was cast over the Earth, burning everything. Life was allowed to continue its existence but in smaller proportions. Now little creatures swarm the Earth greedily swallowing everything in their way, advancing to their doom. In these days of uncertainty Nature reminds us of the glorious days of the titans. Geological phenomenon in Eastern Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria. The 10 meters high rock formations were crafted by the forces of Nature nearly 40 millions of years ago. Though this phenomenon has been examined by scientists and is currently protected by the government, few people know its whereabouts. There are several reasons for that: All images associated with the phenomenon description are actually images of another rock formation. On the other hand the terrain is quite steep and dangerous making it hard to reach thus protecting it.

This is a single exposure, a little over 1 hour. The rocks are moonlit. I've been extremely lucky to record a bright meteor together with the star trails. Also check out my image Alienscape II shot the very same night on 35 mm film and Titans shot on medium format film.