Solargraphy Panorama

Solargraphy Panorama
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Solargraphy Panorama 2010-11-13 Solargraphy
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The result of a very ambitious idea of mine – to make a solargraphy panorama. It was quite challenging from the design of the installation to finding a nice composition at an interesting but inaccessible place because the nature of the installation would have not allowed me to use the camouflaging techniques I usually use when setting up single cameras. After several months, when I was there to pick it up, I was actually surprised to find the installation intact, of course I was very happy. The next pleasant surprise was when I looked at the images on my computer for the first time – this beautiful toning so different from my previous solargraphs, and the nice details. Exposure 3 months and 10 days. The original installation consisted of 3 beer can pinhole cameras loaded with Ilford photo paper. This image is composed of the two of them which are equally toned and preserved. The image from the third camera has suffered multiple invasions of water, also the toning is quite different. Check it out at my Facebook page. I preserved the original framing of the two images, no crop applied. The wild distortions of my pinhole cameras doesn't allow a traditional merge for panorama but I still love this more of a diptych approach.

As for the location: in the right-hand side of the image you can see one of the main subjects from my work – The Doom of The Ancient Beasts. My night exposure was started a few hours after we recovered the pinhole cameras.